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VlogELD exceptional Web-based vehicle management solution offers fleet operators with real time information about the Hours of Service of each vehicle, as well as the location of the vehicle in real time. DVIR (Driver Vehicle Information Report) is shown on the back office portal in real time too. IFTA reporting is handled by the system to make it easy and simple. Our prime motto is to connect our users through software to provide compliance and make operations efficient and less time-consuming through the best electronic logging device. Our senior management has over 10 years' combined experience in creating and implementing business processes and certifications for the transportation industry, finance industry and other industries. Our experience dealing with the transportation industry gives us an advantage to produce a better and more user friendly application. We had planned to develop the best eld for owner operators and truckers by utilizing our extensive experience as well as a deep knowledge about the industry.

Our clients enjoy knowing that we have been working with the transportation industry for many years and we have very sound knowledge of many different industry segments to bring a fully compliant solution to the table. All of our systems are built with our consumer in mind and we want to make the best products and processes available to everyone at an affordable rate. Our software is cloud based – so, our users can access it from anywhere in the world with a secured user name and password. Clients who operate our software see a trustworthy, compliant and reliable company. Our system manages all the nuances so that clients can get as detailed a view or as brief a view as they would like. When doing market research on different electronic logging devices comparison, it’s clear that we are one of the most affordable and reliable company in the USA market.

Our Approch

Since developed, VlogELD has delivered services to a number of customers and subscribed fleets worldwide.

Our base of information comes from logical and sound business solutions through software. We bring best practices and DOT compliance knowledge to the table in every square inch of software we develop. Our senior management has year's of experience in implementing and creating business certifications and processes in the logistics and carrier business. That vast experience makes us confident about developing the most efficient VlogELD for truckers as well as fleet operators.

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